Weekly Round up

On Monday and Wednesday I had individual consultations with each child and together we looked at their writing. We decided what is going really well and which next steps your child is going to be working on over the next few weeks. While I was doing that, the rest of the class were practising reading and writing skills, helping to create the hall display and working on this week’s 5 sentence challenge.

On Monday afternoon the Albion came and taught the children different game skills.

Our reading day moved to Tuesday this week as I (Rachel) was out on a course.

On Thursday and Friday we practised different maths skills and the Digital Leaders helped the class to create their avatars for their profile page on the VLE. The children thought about the maths skills we had practised and then decided on two targets they’d like to work on for the next few weeks. They wrote these in their feedback books. The targets most children chose were:

Writing the numbers the right way around
Number pairs to ten
Number pairs to twenty
Understanding tens and ones in two digit numbers
Understanding hundreds, tens and ones in three digit numbers
Counting in twos
Counting in threes

Your child should be able to tell you what they are working on.

We have also practised our mindfulness most days and on Friday we tried mindful eating. We ate one raisin quickly and after that we ate one raisin in a mindful way and we talked about how that felt different.

In Music we talked about the composers Handel and Mozart. The children saw a few arias from the opera ‘The Magic Flute’.

Papageno the bird catcher:


The Queen of the night:

Queen of the night

The children’s faces were a picture when they saw the Queen of the Night singing! They appreciated the skill involved in the singing and we looked at how much she could do in one breath.

We practised our recorders too and played a few tunes using the b a g notes.