Child-Led Learning

Today I was teaching phonics to a group of Kingfisher and Woodpecker children. I had planned to look at the letter ‘i’ and how we pronounce this letter differently in different words. We started of though with reviewing last week’s session, looking at split digraphs e-e and u-e.

I encourage the children to be honest about the mistakes they make so we can learn from them. Somebody said they found the word ‘extremely’ difficult. We started talking about how it was tricky that the split digraph was in the middle of the word instead of the end. I explained that this was because the word had a suffix.

The children wanted to know more about suffixes and prefixes so I explained how kind can be turned into unkind, kindness, kindly.

One child asked if  comma s also was a suffix so I explained about the different uses for an apostrophe to indicate either belonging to somebody or to show you are missing out letters.

Questions kept coming about -es endings, the apostrophe in it’s and more.

We still had time to do what I planned to do as well but thanks to the children’s fantastic questions, we covered a lot of the next phase in phonics.

You are all amazing and keep asking these questions!!!