Peter and the Wolf

When we came back to school on Tuesday we were welcomed by an old man. Actually it was our teacher pretending to be an old man. Our classroom looked and sounded a bit like a forest. We thought about what … Continue reading


Bach- Toccata and Fugue in D minor

In music today we were introduced to Bach who lived at the same time as Handel and he also wore a wig. He had 20 children! We talked about the organ that he wrote music for. We listened to his music in a mindful way and this is what we observed:

Marnie: It sounded like it should have been the end when it was actually the start.

Manou: It sounded like music from a funeral.

Theo: It sounded like the musician was playing 3 notes at once.     (We then talked about chords)

Yusuf: It sounded mixed up like it had been put back together in a new order.

Olivia: I thought it sounded scary.

Luca: It sounded like there was an argument going on between the left hand and the right had.

Marlo spotted the silences in between the music.

Here is video of the music I will show you tomorrow to demonstrate what the organ looks like, how the hands work together and how to play the chords:  Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D minor



Young Composers

We composed our own songs for the recorder in music today! Have a look at our work and see if you can play some of our tunes. Advertisements