A Brilliant Start!

(Until I know which children can have their photos on the blog, I will blur the faces of children in photos. Please do not refer to children featured in photos by name. For safety reasons, please do not use surnames when leaving a comment, especially if your child has the same surname.)

Well done new Kingfishers, for settling in so quickly!

On day one we discovered that an enormous turnip had grown in the school garden. We have learned the story of by heart using Talk for Writing. We wrote the story down and next week we start planning our own versions. We also celebrated Rolad Dahl day, thank you parents for helping to make it a success. The children looked amazing!

In Science we have been learning about plants. We sketched fruit and vegetables and labeled trees. We thought about what plants need to grow well as we want to grow our own enormous turnip. We have planted the seeds already and we will see which conditions work best.

In Maths we have been practising counting in 2’s, 3’s and 5’s. We have compared numbers using <, > and = signs. We are learning about place value.

In Geography we learned about the countries, capital cities and flags of the United Kindom. Each country is different and they all have their own symbols.

In Music we talked about pulse and pitch.

We have also learned some French, thought about healthy living and learned about the artist Archimboldo.

The children have had daily reminders and opportunities to change their home reading books. We also encourage the children to drink water often. Can all children please have a bottle for the classroom? We ensure the water is refreshed daily.


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