Building Brighton: The Georgian Experience

Today we whizzed through Brighton history from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, the Roman villas in Springfield Road, the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, the Normans who built the first St Nicholas church, then the Middle Ages, Tudors and Stuarts. Brighton changed lots because of fires, storms and the plague. We stopped in the Georgian Era. We explored this time period through different choice activities.
With Sian we looked at the fashion of that time. They didn’t like washing much and they used white make up that could make them ill (it had horse manure and lead in it). Some even killed mice to make fake eyebrows.

With Ruth we looked at the life of Sake Dean who was Bengali. He started the first Indian restaurant in London and introduced shampoo. He later worked for the Prince Regent. We also looked at the map and our own roots. We found out that many of us have family living in different countries.
With Rachel we talked about Georgian curiosities. In this time people started to travel the world and they brought back exotic creatures to display at fairs. Also people were put on display such as bearded ladies and giant men. They also liked to teach animal tricks.

With Lucy we learned about Matha Gunn who was a dipper and had a bathing machine. She helped the Prince Regent swim in the sea. We did fun seaside relay races.

Lisa told us about the Theatre Royal which was build then. People were a terrible audience in those days, they would moo like cows or even burn the theatre down if they didn’t like the play.

Jordan told us about a man called Richard Russel who sold sea water as medicine. We made our own seawater potions and designed labels for the bottles.

Jay showed us how the pavilion used to be a simple house. The Prince Regent had the house redesigned by John Nash, who also did Buckingham palace.

We also learned that Georgians liked making amazing jellies, the kitchen of the pavilion has lots of jelly moulds.



One comment on “Building Brighton: The Georgian Experience

  1. This is what my daughter told me today after school: Mum, today at school was epic, brilliant. I learnt about fashion in the Georgian era. Then, she proceeded to inform me about the mice and eyebrows, yuk…..

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