Questions about steam trains

What is the slowest steam train? (Max and Kim)

What is the fastest steam train in the world? (Ollie)

How does coal turn into energy for the train? (Blake)

What is the biggest steam train in this country? (Anne-Marie)

What was the first steam engine build? (Lily)

How do you make a train go faster? (Bella)

Who was the first train to build a train? (Sreehan)

How does it pull lots of the carriages in one day? (Katie)

How do they push the steam or smoke out of the chimney? (Mia)

Who built the last steam train ever? (Zoe)

What are some of the steam trains called? (Kai)

Who was the first person to drive a steam train? (Luca)

How does the train travel along the track without being electrocuted? (Jai)

Which steam train was the favourite? (Beau)

What is a train made out of? (Demi)

How does it make that much smoke come out of the chimney? (Skye)

How do trains go past other trains? (Jessica)

How can the steam train make smoke? (Prashasthi)

Last year the children also thought of questions. The man from the Bluebell railway answered them all. You can read them here:



One comment on “Questions about steam trains

  1. Different steam trains do different jobs passenger trains go fast goods trains go slow😸😺😻😽😼🙀😿😹😾

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