Missing Flying Dust

Reindeer challenge

The children are so excited about helping Santa. You can look at the blog above to keep track of what is happening across the world.
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The Reindeer’s challenge

The reindeer have set children over the world a challenge. Christmas depends on whether we can all solve it…

About the Reindeer’s Challenge

Santa has had a busy few years! This year the reindeer are not happy. They feel overlooked. Every year, they fly all over the world to deliver the Christmas presents but do we really appreciate their efforts? So… led by a ring leader called Dasher, the reindeer have locked the magic dust that makes them fly in the safe in Santa’s workshop! They won’t fly this Christmas unless we can break the code to the safe! If we can do that, Dasher says, then we really do deserve their animal efforts! Can you help? The reindeers have sent some clues by magic dust (before they locked it away of course) all around the world. Maybe you can find one? If you find a clue, please post it on the blog so we can all break the code together! Santa is counting on us!


3 comments on “Missing Flying Dust

  1. Not sure what we’re meant to do with this? We have checked it all out, searched for towns and countries, but think we’re missing something? Thanks

    • It is an activity we do with other schools. There should have been something on the blog yesterday that would have made it clear. There will be something today. The link is there for you to follow the progress! Apologies for the lack of clarity!

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