School Trip – Places of Worship

Today we went on an amazing school trip visiting different places of Worship. First we were welcomed by Rabbi Silverman at the Holland Rd Synagogue. He showed us what was behind the curtain of the Ark. The Torah scrolls are huge and they are all written by hand. Upstairs is the place where the women sit. In the synagogue there is a light that always burns. We heard and saw the Hebrew language and the Rabbi sang us a prayer.

Next we were shown around the Mosque by Iman Uthman and Iman Mohammed. There we had to take our shoes off. In the mosque you wash first before you pray, just as you would do if you go to a party. There is a special way to do it. We learned about how muslims pray and what the 5 pillars of Islam are. We also heard the call to prayer sang.

After that we went to St Andrew’s Church where we met vicar Dan. We had our lunch there. We heard a story about Christmas and Easter. We had a chance to go up on the pulpit and speak through the microphone.

At the Buddhist Centre we were welcomed by Amanda and Mary. We heard a story about Buddha who was first a rich prince called Siddharta. We practised meditating and saw a huge statue of Buddha. The meditating made use feel peaceful like clouds or like hugging your mum. They gave us a drink and cookies.

(We will tell you even more details later.)

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3 comments on “School Trip – Places of Worship

  1. It was a very interesting day and I was very impressed by the children’s questions. Thank you for letting me come along and enjoy the day with you all.

  2. All of the children looked like they really enjoyed themselves The Synagogue looks simply stunning. I hope you are all practising your ‘meditation’

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