Celebrations: Diwali

This term we are learning about different beliefs and celebrations in Brighton and across the world. This week we looked at where Diwali is celebrated. We learned about the story of Rama and Sita and the terrible ten-headed demon Ravana.

Today we traveled all the way to India to learn about the differences and similarities between India and the UK. India is ahead in time so it was the afternoon when we got there. The weather is warm and rainy right now. We learned about the way rich and poor children live. We looked at pictures and decided wether they were from India or the UK.

These are a few of our observations.

Tigers are different in India.

This looks like Egypt, there are camels.

There are mountains and deserts, India must be massive!

I wouldn’t like to see a snake in a basket.

The Taj Mahal is like a palace.

The clothes are colourful.

This church is English.

The tower is not Big Ben! The bell is called Big Ben.

In English we wrote sentences about India. We now have new targets to work on.. In the afternoon we look at videos of Indian dances. We used some of the moves to create our own dances.

At the end of the day we made shadow puppets for the story of Rama and Sita.














2 comments on “Celebrations: Diwali

  1. What an interesting, fun-filled day you have all had 👍 learning about other cultures and history. Wish I could have joined you! Keep up the learning ‘Kingfishers’

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