Thinking Skills: Being Peaceful

This morning we thought about what we can do to make the world more peaceful.

Here are some of our ideas.

We can make the world better by stopping the fightings. (Sreehan)

Skye, Max, Callum also had the same idea.

Instead of fighting, you can ask people to stop. (Kai)

Breathe slowly, it makes you calm. (Beau)

Jessie, Darcey and Kimberly thought the same.

Bella says it is good to have a peaceful place at home where you can be quiet.

Make more friends. (Zoe)

Wear badges that say ‘Stop the war’. Make more badges so many people can wear them. (Ollie)

Stop killing animals. (Eva)

Be happy and smile more. (Rachel)


2 comments on “Thinking Skills: Being Peaceful

  1. Great ideas Kingfishers. It was lovely being peaceful with you yesterday afternoon! I’m feeling very peaceful now reading your blog.

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