Progression Year 2 (Edited)

Today we are doing a carousel of activities which allows every child to have some time with Rachel to look at their progress in their writing. All children are aware of their targets from Year 1 and it is great to see everyone trying to reach that target. Some children were already in need of a new target. Amazing progress! Some children are still worried about being in Year 2. I’d like to reassure all parents that each child is encouraged to work at their own pace. When we do the five sentence challenge, the children are told every time that this is something we work towards and they just write what they can. As a guide line most children at this point should be able to write 5 sentences independently within half an hour. I know that our parents are very supportive of the learnings in class, so thank you for your this.   Please see the fivesc .net website for more ideas. At one point we will start using their prompts.

Special praise to Kane for his writing on Wednesday. He wrote about double of what he was asked to do. He is wearing a snail sticker for being very ambitious!


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