This week’s learning focus 

In English we have been learning about nouns or naming words. To make it into a noun phrase, you add adjectives. If you add a description after it, you get an expanded noun phrase.

The blue kingfisher with the orange belly caught a silvery fish.

The children now need to become more secure in their understanding of nouns.

In Maths we have been working on place value. Most children are started understand that every number is made up out of tens and ones and they have started to be able to draw pictures of the equipment we use to represent the tens and ones. The drawings are called jottings. A few children also learned to draw their own numberline to help them count on in tens and ones. Using jottings most children learned to successfully add 2 two digit numbers. 
We discussed addition and learned that there are different words that mean the same: add, sum, count on, more, plus, addition, and

The children decided that it helps if you count on from the biggest number. There are lots of ways to help you work out additions. In year 2 the numbers are now too big to use our fingers.


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