Fire Service visit

Today Elaine from the Fire Service came totals to us. 

We first thought about whether fire is always dangerous. Katie thought it is sometimes useful to keep us warm. Anne- Marie knew that it is good to light a candle when there is no electricity. Kim told us we need fire for a barbecue too. 

We learned that matches and lighters are safe enough when grown ups use them but for children they are too dangerous. They can set our clothes on fire, start a fire and burn our skin. We looked at other dangers such as sockets and electricity, hot water and crossing the road. We learned rhymes to remind us to be careful.

We then thought about what we should do when there is a fire. You shout FIRE first. If the door is closed, you feel if the door is hot to see if it is safe to open. You go outside and call 999. When they answer you must tell them your address. Elaine asked us to do three important things this weekend.

1. Test the fire alarm and test it every week.

2. Talk about  a fire plan. How do you get out when there is a fire? Are the keys near the door?

3. Memorise your address so that you can call 999 if the grown ups aren’t able to.

We played a game of bingo at the end.



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