Creative writing: hatching egg


One day I was in the cool park when I tripped over an egg.
It looked like a dinosaur egg and it was dirty. It looked abandoned. So I decided to bring it to my house but when I was going out of the park I heard a noise coming from the egg. I rushed back to the park where ……

By Kiran

In a big jungle I, the explorer, found a giant egg. I thought it was a bat egg, it was. I was very scared but still brave. The egg was smooth and white, brown and a little black. It was bumpy and grey. The bat was small, the egg was large.

By Daisy

In the forest there is a smooth egg. There is an eye peeking out of the large egg. In a tree there is a eye peeking out of a small brown egg.

By Elijah

There is a baby bird in the egg that is starting to crack and coming out of there. To come out of it and starting to grow and get some air but before it grows it needs some food so it doesn’t die. Or it can go in a nest and we can see a little eye peeking and the poor little animal is muddy and so lonely so squeaky.

By Haleema


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