Changes and Bye Bye Epic Mr Nick

On Friday we said goodbye to Nick. We have loved having him as a teacher. He will be a good teacher one day. He is now going to his last placement before qualifying. We wish him all the best for the future. Sophie has requested to continue her placement in our school. She will be teaching our class the majority of the time until the end of June. Rachel will continue to be present in class to support the class and to provide extra help for pupils in class. We will also be welcoming at least one new pupil in class next week.

photo 4


2 comments on “Changes and Bye Bye Epic Mr Nick

  1. Would like to meet Sophie if she is going to be the teacher until end of the summer term and would like to have been told this instead of reading about it in the blog?!

    • Hi Kim, this is a blog post from last year. Sophie and Nick were the students then. We have no more students this year. WordPress suggests similar posts to the ones I post this year. It can get confusing!

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