School Trip photos: Jon Mills Studio, Train and Station

DSC04911 DSC04792 DSC04793 DSC04794 DSC04795 DSC04797 DSC04799 DSC04800 DSC04802 DSC04803 DSC04804 DSC04805 DSC04806 DSC04807 DSC04808 DSC04809 DSC04810 DSC04811 DSC04812 DSC04814 DSC04816 DSC04817 DSC04818 DSC04820 DSC04823 DSC04825 DSC04827 DSC04829 DSC04830 DSC04831 DSC04832 DSC04834 DSC04835 DSC04836 DSC04837 DSC04839 DSC04841 DSC04842 DSC04843 DSC04844 DSC04846 DSC04847 DSC04848 DSC04849 DSC04851 DSC04854 DSC04855 DSC04856 DSC04857 DSC04858 DSC04859 DSC04861 DSC04862 DSC04863 DSC04864 DSC04866 DSC04867 DSC04868 DSC04869 DSC04870 DSC04871 DSC04872 DSC04873 DSC04874 DSC04875 DSC04876 DSC04878 DSC04879 DSC04880 DSC04881 DSC04882 DSC04883 DSC04885 DSC04886 DSC04887 DSC04888 DSC04890 DSC04891 DSC04892 DSC04893 DSC04894 DSC04895 DSC04896 DSC04897 DSC04898 DSC04899 DSC04901 DSC04902 DSC04903 DSC04904 DSC04905 DSC04906 DSC04907 DSC04908 DSC04909


3 comments on “School Trip photos: Jon Mills Studio, Train and Station

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  2. Wow! what an adventure – and you all made it back in one piece. Thanks to all the helpers and the teachers/ teaching assistants for their hard work.

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