Lent and temptation

Our teacher tricked us. She put some chocolate on the floor and then she left us alone. She pretended to have to do a job. While she was away she recorded us talking. We all got quite loud talking about whether we should eat it or not. Some of us were really tempted and we touched the plate. Isaac and a few other boys took the band to go and look far Rachel (who was very close by, keeping an eye out).

We learned about the reason why some people fast at Lent.

We also talked about temptation and what tempts us and what doesn’t.
Money and stroking a puppy were high on the list, sprouts weren’t a favourite.

On Friday we thought about what we could to stop being tempted. here are a few of our ideas.
Closing your eyes
Calm down
Getting told off
Turning around and walking away
Taking it away from me
A movie camera
Cover your eyes
Think of something else
Hold your breath
Being relaxed
Look in the opposite direction
Play something else
Have tune to play
Fight with your brain if you disagree with it.
Keep looking at it


One comment on “Lent and temptation

  1. I’d pay to watch that movie…I wonder which children wanted to police the situation and which wanted to scoff the cake?

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