Mr Watt needs our help.

This morning, Kingfisher Class received a letter from Mr Watt. He tells us that he has looked at Volks’ railway and would like to build his own railway from the Pier, all the way to Rottingdean. However, there seems to be one problem, Mr Watt is not sure how to measure the rotation of his wheel.

This got us thinking, what tools could we use to help Mr Watt with his measuring? During the lesson, the children came up with some great ideas.


Maja and Hollie wrote Mr Watt a list, telling him that by using a whiteboard and pen, he could record how big his wheel is.


Morris and Charlie R decided to build a wooden track, in the shape of a wheel. They then decided that a tape measure would be the best tool to measure his wheel, wrapping it around the outside.


Diego and Ruby had a great idea. Using Lego track to make a wheel, they stuck tape on the inside and decided to mark the tape with numbers. The only problem was that the letters were not the same distance apart. We discussed that if we measured a roll of white tape and marked it with centimetres, we could roll it round the inside of Diego and Ruby’s track to measure its length.

We sent our ideas to Mr Watt and look forward to hearing from him.



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