Mr Watt Maths – Picking the right tools

We were delighted to find that Mr Watt had wrote back to us this morning. In his letter, he thanked us for all our ideas but told us that he was not sure what tools would be best to pick from his shed.

To to help us decide he sent us some of these tools, which the children loved looking at and discussing. We agreed that a ruler, metre stick, measuring tape and metre wheel would be best for helping Mr Watt measure correctly. Whilst things like his stop watch, scales and thermometer were not going to help us in this task, Ciaran noted that they could also be used to measure.

In the lesson, the children worked together to measure a number of classroom objects and areas. Morgan and Ruby decided that as well as measuring objects, they could use a measuring tape to measure their height. This raised a lot of questions within the class, like “where do we start measuring from on the tape, 1 or zero?” Daisy also noticed that the zero on a ruler does not always start at the end of he ruler and there can be a little gap. As a class we talked about how it is important to start measuring from zero on whatever you are using, otherwise you not going to find out the actual length. Ben also realised that if you do not hold the measuring tape tight up against the object you are measuring the number you get will be larger than the actual answer.

When Mr Watt showed us the measuring he had been doing in his shed, Elijah noticed that he was not measuring the wheel the whole way round and was missing parts of the track. We agreed that Mr Watt needed to use measuring tape, warp it around the whole track and finish measuring when he reached the zero.

But Mr Watt had another problem. He showed us some of the bars he was measuring in his workshop. Charlie T told Mr Watt that he needed to lay the bar flat against the ruler to measure it accurately, Domenico reminding him to start measuring from the zero on his ruler.

During the main activity, Kingfishers had lots of fun using the new skills they had learnt about measuring accurately and recorded some of their findings.

Isaac made an interesting discovery, realising that some objects do not always measure exactly to a number on a ruler, falling in between two centimetre markings. We discussed the that the little markings in between the centromere lines were called millimetres and that there were 10 millimeters in à centimeter. Ciaran and Noah also noticed that 0.5cm is the same as half a centimetre. We looked at other units of measurement during the lesson, using metres in the corridor and talking about how many metres were in a kilometre.

We hope that all this information helps Mr Watt find the best and most accurate way to measure his track and that after reading this, he feels just a little less grumpy


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