Adverb sentence starters

On Monday we learned about adverbs. They describe how we do things. Often they end in the suffix -ly.

We all had a go and Rachel was very proud of our progress! Ciaran joined all his words up. Ben wrote loads! Tolomy didn’t forget a single capital letter. Isabella wrote her s the right way around. Thomas remembered to use fingers spaces all the time. Most sentence were very creative. Fantastic work everyone!

Kiran: Quickly I went to the kitchen.
Isaac: Loudly my brother screamed the place down.
Ciaran: Gently I patted a dog.
Isabella: Courageously the man made a speech.
Charlie E: Nervously the boy went into class.
Morris: Loudly I screamed until my brother cried.
Maja: Shyly a little boy peered through his mum’s legs.
Luka: Courageously I saved the panda.
Tolomy: Quickly I saved my friend from falling.
Daisy: Nervously I went to the disco.
Rashmi: Loudly the teacher blew her whistle.
Elijah: Safely I crossed the road.
Noah: Quickly I ran back to the museum.
Thomas: Nervously the big boy went to see the government in his car.
Ben: Foolishly he didn’t tell anyone that he hurt himself.
Ruby H: Sadly I don’t have any friends.
Charlie R: Sadly my nan died.
Morgan: Shyly the little boy went to the train station.


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