George and the Ghost Train

We heard a story about George and the Ghost Train. He goes on an adventure with Richard, the train driver and visits Jon Mills and Mr Watt in their studio. We all had a go at writing another chapter for the book. Here are some fragments.

Soon George felt a cold hand across his back that he recognised but who was it? It was Mr Watt coming to wake him up. George ran down the stairs and out the door, he saw the steam train up on the bridge. “Where do you want to go today?” said Richard. “Please can I have a surprise?” said George. “Yes” said Richard. “Come on, let’s go”. It was a bumpy ride but it wasn’t over yet. Suddenly there was a puff of smoke and George shrank!! He found himself looking at lots of Lego bricks. “What on earth has happened?” said George.

by Isaac

George woke up because he heard a noise of a train. The train went to the airport. George went on an aeroplane with Richard. Richard showed George how to drive. George liked the plane. It landed on the floor. They went on the train home. George went to sleep.

by Domenic

George was fast asleep. But the train woke him up. The train took him to Spain. He went swimming in a pool. He swam in an inflatable chair. He drowned but Richard saved him. He taught him how to swim. They went back home. The End.

by Finley

The whistle blew that woke George up. Richard he said “Time for an adventure”. They went back in time to see dinosaurs. George saw a sleeping dinosaur. He got on his back. George rode a Acssur and Richard rode a Triceratops.

by Ben

George was hoping he could stay awake but he couldn’t. But suddenly there was a chuffing of a train. It seemed to be coming from the window. He woke up. Suddenly he saw Richard so he jumped out of bed and he put his dressing gown on and tipped toed down the million steps. When he got down he saw Richard.

by Daisy

After a while George felt a cold hand on him and then he woke up and he said “What!!” George cried. But it was just grumpy Mr Watt. “Oh” said George as they went downstairs and Richard was waiting. And he said “Where would you like to go?” The Ewak forest please to see Luke Skywalker and Yoda.” “Hop on board.” “Choo, choo, let’s go.” Of they went in a puff of smoke and steam. But half way there he saw things…

by Ciaran

George felt a cold hand. It was Mr Watt.”Why did you wake me up?” “Because it is time to go to the adventure and…” Then George jumped out of bed and they went to Richard. “Where do you want to go to?” “I really want to go to the cinema to watch the Lego movie.”

by Kiran

Then George saw a bright light in the window and woke up and ran outside and said hello to Richard. Richard said “Where would you like to go?” “I’d like to go to George Stephenson’s house.” “OK” said Richard and they were off. By the time they got to George Stephenson’s house he was just finishing a train.

by Luka


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