Questions for our friends in Japan @yis1P

Elijah and Tolomy have written messages and questions for our friends in Japan.







2 comments on “Questions for our friends in Japan @yis1P

  1. 1) we have many answers some people like the day of their birthday. Saturday is a popular day because you can play with your mum and dad.

    2) Green, pink, blue, sky blue, silver, gold, purple, red, yellow, violet and white.

    3) Vietnam, France, Amercia, England, Serbia, India, Australia, Japan, Singapore.

    4) Pizza, mac and cheese, couscous, strawberries, chocolate fudge, curry and rice, onigiri, sushi, chocolate cake, jijigim, natto.

    5) Snoop Chocco, Phoneix, Teno, Lily, Banjo, Milly, Kizzy.

    6) Yes many people have brothers and sisters.

    7) Soccer ball, my mum’s iPad, prechike, Lego, wii u, dolls

    8) Soccer, connect4 , Harry Potter, bracelet making, swing around a rosie, cats cradle, super hero games.

    9) The day the crayons quit, the heart in a bottle. We are really loving the Oliver Jeffers books.

    10) Football player, princess, maker, vet, video game maker, cake maker, sumo wrestler, artist, candy food maker.

  2. Dear 1P,
    Thank you for responding to us. We liked your answers. We didn’t know all the types of food. What sort of food is it?
    We also don’t know what animals they are? Is Lily a cat or a hamster? Is Phoenix a type of bird?

    From Kingfishers

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