Disadvantages of being an elf 3

This year again, children of Kingfisher Class thought about why it wouldn’t be fun to be an elf. Today is also a special day because we are all dressed up as elf to raise money for charity.


Here are some of our thoughts:

You have to wear the same clothes every day.

You have to make toys all day.

You do not get presents.

They are like slaves.

You have to work long hours.

You don’t get a break.

I don’t like elf shoes.

You can’t play football in elf shoes.

It is hard to buckle up your clothes.

You would get very cold.

Elves look very scary.

They don’t get to ride on Santa’s sleigh.

You have to wear boots all day long.

You don’t get to have break time otherwise the children won’t get their toys.

You don’t get any thank yous.

You get very bored.

You don’t get to go outside.

You don’t get much exercise.

It is not very good because there is always cold snow.

You get tired.

They can’t take their hat off.


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