Home Learning next week

This week we have learned about Christianity and the inside and outside of churches. Next week we will learn a little bit about Islam. We will rewrite a story from Morocco. The children have heard the story already. They will be taking some picture prompts home and they are asked to try and retell the story in their own words. They can also draw a picture to go with the story.

This is a brief outline of the story:

This is a story of a motherless girl, Aisha, who lives with her father in ancient Morocco and is cared for by spirits. Her mother died when she was only a baby. Her father went to work leaving her alone. Upon coming back he finds out that the baby is well-cared for. He soon discovers that magic spirits have been taking care of Aisha all along.
These spirits take very good care of her and make her smart. When Aisha is 17, her dad comes home upset because the King of the land, or the Sultan demands that every man in the land must answer a question right. If they fail to give the right answer they will have their head cut off. If they get is right, they get a bag of gold. The sultan has asked him what the waterwheel is saying. So Aisha tells him a rhyme and he goes and recites it. The waterwheel remembers being a quince tree and being chopped down by the sultan because he banged his head on the tree. Shocked that the question was answered, the cruel Sultan demands that the next day Aisha’s father must come to the palace while crying, laughing, riding and walking. This seems impossible! He runs home and tells Aisha. As usual she has a solution. Her father holds a peeled onion to his eyes to make him cry and he laughs because he knows he looks funny. Indeed, he is riding on a donkey so small his legs touch the ground. The Sultan finds out that Aisha has been telling her father how to do these things and orders her to meet him. He is charmed by her and marries her, becoming a nice person. The message or moral is that you should always be clever and kind.



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