Our Stick Insects

Bernice Barnaby (Ben), Charlotte Cupcake (Charlie), Briony Bear (Brian) and Samantha Sticky (Sam) have arrived at last. They are our class pets. They are Indian Stick Insect nymphs. They are nearly 3 centimetres and will grow lots before they are adults. They can get as big as 13 centimetres!




Rachel will need our help getting branches for their dinner every week. They prefer brambles or privet but they can eat ivy, rose and hawthorn too. Some plants have thorns though so your parent will need to help you!


One comment on “Our Stick Insects

  1. Wow Kingfishers you are so lucky to have such a wonderful and hardworking teacher! So many fun activities and great learning challenges you’ve had this half term and now stick insects too! We have been so impressed with all your work. I wish I was back at school!

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