Harvest Celebration

After learning about where food comes from and learning about the seasons, we learned the story of the little red hen who harvested some wheat and baked bread. The story tells you how the wheat is harvested. We used flour to bake cakes for the Harvest celebration. We wrote our own recipes so all our cakes were different. We could choose to add different fruits and vegetables to our cake mixtures. Writing a recipe is like writing instructions. This is part of the Year 2 English curriculum. Planning and evaluating a product like a cake is also part of what we need to learn for Design and Technology (DT). Baking the cakes also helped us understand reversible and irreversible changes in materials, something we are learning about in Science this year.

Our parents came to watch us perform the story of the little red hen. We learned the story of by heart, again something we have to be able to do in Year 2. We shared our cakes with our parents because Harvest is also a time we share with others. We collected lots of food to give to people that need some extra help.




For home learning we evaluated the cakes we baked.







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