Looking carefully at a picture

Today we did literacy activities. There were five activities: group reading, comprehension questions, library time, handwriting and an independent writing activity. We were asked to write a long list of what we could see in a picture. We tried to use adjectives. Rachel was very impressed with our work. Most of us made a list of twenty different things.

This is what we saw:
A brown and white puppy (Tolomy)
A red bush (Charlie E)
An orange tree ( Ruby H)
Some brick houses (Elijah)
A grey pub (Hollie)
One bright sun ( Morris)
Twenty-seven smooth rocks (Daisy)
A wooden carriage (Noah)

A multi coloured picnic blanket
Some fiery lanterns
Seven orange trees
A black washing line
Some blue window frames ( Luka)

A dog sitting by the river (Ciaran)

The strict men
The beautiful ladies
The cool blue pond
The lovely valley
The long chimneys
The beautiful sunshine (Rashmi)

Lots of orange trees (Kiran)
A big water wheel (Charlie R)
One ginger dog (Maja)
A brown cat (Morgan)
A white sheep (Kalisha)

A field of fluffy sheep
A little window
A little toy boat
A burning chimney
A white fence (Isaac)

A brown cat (Morgan)


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