Our ambitions

For our thinking skill today we thought about what we’d like to achieve one day.
Grace S: I want to do rock climbing.
Elijah: I want to bird watch and travel around the world.
Ciaran: I want to climb a mountain.
Kieran: I want to find the biggest crystal in the world.
Charlie E: I want to live at Lego Land. I want to have lots of money.
Rashmi: I want to achieve in my writing and reading because I like writing and reading.
Noah: I want to go to New Zealand, Iran and Poland.
Maja: I am going to be queen of the animals.
Luka: I would like to be the world’s best scientist.
Ben: I want to export animals.
Thomas: I am going to achieve millions.
Kalisha: I want to be good at writing.
Tolomy: I want to be a comedy man in a film.

All the children wrote a list of amazing ambitions but I couldn’t write them all down. Maybe you can tell your parents about your ambitions?


One comment on “Our ambitions

  1. Bit off topic, but we’ve all been reading up about Martha Payne’s NeverSeconds Blog.
    There is also a good video of her and her dad talking about the story of how she raised over £30,000 for kid’s meals in Malaiwi. Really inspirational stuff!

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