What we have been learning…

On Monday we talked about what a sentence is. We tried to write sentences using our spelling words. Some of us also practised our spelling words.





In maths we learned about estimating. We then counted the sweets in groups of tens and ones and we put them together to find the total. It is very easy to confuse the -ty and -teen words!

It was our teacher Rachel’s turn to do her ‘Good to be Me’ talk and we enjoyed seeing the pictures and objects she brought in.

Dan taught us PE. We did really fun team building games!

On Tuesday Sandra was our teacher. She teaches us one week on the Tuesday and the next week on the Wednesday. We looked at an old Charlie and the Chocolate factory picture and we wrote sentences about it. In maths we ordered the characters from the book from young to old by comparing their ages. In the afternoon we worked with our learning partners on reading and writing numbers correctly. After that we had PE again.


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