Today in Kingfishers….

We started the day by writing about five things we did in our holiday.

Next we counted the day. It is our second day in school and when we have had 100 days, we will have a party.

After that we did phonics. We first reminded ourselves of the different sounds we know. We knew our long vowel sounds really well like ea, oo, aw. We got a bit confused between the names of letters and the sounds they stand for. In phonics we don’t use the letter names. We were given this weeks spelling words and copied them in our books. This week we learned: and, to, the, said, that, with, away, water. We had the write them in alphabetical order! We don’t have to know how to spell them all. Some words are for all of us, some for most of us and some are for those who want a challenge.

After play we heard the story of Caring Badger who learned to make connections in his learning. We practised making connections too. We saw mind maps our friends from Japan made last year. Takafumi’s mind map was really good. He likes Home Alone, just like many of us. We made our own badger set mind maps. We wrote how we connect to our families, what food and toys we like and more.

Our friends in Japan asked us a question on Twitter. We didn’t understand what they meant by it so we talked about it and asked them questions. Our teacher will send the tweets to Japan.

Then it was time for a bit of maths. Most of the numbers had fallen of the hundred square. We had to work out how to put them back by making connections.

After lunch we talked about how we had been as learning partners and we chose our next learning partners. Then we chose who could take Barnaby Bear home. Then we did Independent Learning. Here are some photos of us doing the activities that we chose. Some of us have blurred faces because our teacher doesn’t know yet if these faces can be on the blog.








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