Schooltrip – Pond dipping and bug hunting

Next it was time to find some creatures in their natural habitats. We explored three habitats: the pond, the long grass and the shaded area with the old wood. We found lots of interesting creatures but we didn’t find out what they were all. We found lots of tadpoles, boatman, shrimp, larvae, caddisfly larvae, damselflies and a chaser, spiders, millipedes and more!

DSC04576 DSC04577 DSC04578 DSC04579 DSC04580 DSC04581 DSC04582 DSC04583 DSC04584 DSC04585 DSC04586 DSC04587 DSC04589 DSC04591 DSC04592 DSC04594 DSC04595 DSC04596 DSC04597 DSC04598 DSC04599 DSC04601 DSC04603 DSC04604 DSC04605 DSC04608 DSC04612 DSC04613 DSC04616 DSC04617 DSC04620


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