Schooltrip- Learning to light a fire

When we got to the site, we first had a little rest while we ate our fruit. Next Kate showed us how you build up a fire. First you put down the largest branches, after that the smaller sticks and last of all the thin twigs. Kate had a special tool which was stone and metal and with that you could make sparks. When the sparks fall on cotton wool, you get a flame. We all had a go and managed to get the fire going.

DSC04542 DSC04544 DSC04546 DSC04550 DSC04552 DSC04554 DSC04556 DSC04558 DSC04562 DSC04563 DSC04564 DSC04565 DSC04566 DSC04567 DSC04569 DSC04572 DSC04573 DSC04575


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