Riddle Time – Yusuf, Isobel, Lewis and Holly

I have a medium tail.

I stay away from fearsome aggressive guard dogs.

People don’t often see me.

You can see my mess in your garden.

You will normally find me in dark caves.

During the day I’m asleep but in the night I’m awake.

I am not fussy about my diet I will normally eat anything.

I have one of the best noses in the Animal Kingdom.

I have curly tusks and pointy hooves.

I am in the pig family.

What am I?

(By Yusuf)


My tail is fluffy so you want to catch it.

My beak is soft as moss.

My beak is is great at catching my food.

I’m a special mammal.


What am I?

(By Isobel)


You will find me in door number 65.

On April the fourth I am eating sausages because it is my birthday.

I have a red t-shirt.

Sometimes I have a blue t-shirt.

I do not like watching TV.

What (or Who) am I?

(by Lewis)


I have a long neck.

I am a kind of a mammal.

I am yellow and brown.

I am tall.

I live in a zoo.

I eat green leaves.

What am I?

(By Holly)



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