Riddle Time – Theo, Freddie, Tian and Musa

My eyes are as brown as sausages.

I have sharp ears.

I have 4 medium legs.

I am a mammal and I live in a stable or the field.

I eat carrots, apples and hay.

What am I?

(By Theo)


My abdomen is bright orange.

I have a black and orange beak.

I eat juicy fish.

I’m as colourful as a parrot.

You will find me near rivers.

What am I?

(By Freddie)


I live in the Arctic.

I eat fish.

I like cold.

I like swimming.

I go into sea to get food.

What am I?

(By Tian)


If you touch me I could go on your hand.

I have 6 real legs and lots of fake.

I eat lush green leaves for dinner.

In my life I am two different creatures.

I transport into a cocoon.

What am I?

(By Musa)



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