Riddle Time – Madeena, Anthony, Arlie and Ruby

All the time I catch my prey.

I sleep in the dark wood.

All the time I am feathery.

I am colourful and I sing in Summer.

I live in the tree.

What am I?

(By Madeena)


I am poisonous.

I am big.

I curl around.

I strangle people.

I can be a pet.

What am I?

(By Anthony)


I am a common garden bird.

Berries for dinner would make a treat.

I’m the largest in my family.

My habitat can be a bird house or a bird nest.

My appearance is pure yellow, green an blue.

I lay small clutches white and brown eggs.

My tail is medium and long size.

My wings are medium size.

I move like lightening.

I am a beautiful lovely tit.

What am I?

(By Arlie)


I live in the bid, deep sea.

My mouth is very low on my body.

L make lots of eggs and after I die.

I have  8 long legs.

I squirt ink when I am scared.

I clean all of my eggs.

I live for one or two years.

I live in the shadow parts of the ocean.

I lay this  much eggs 500,000.

I use two of my tentacles for walking.

What am I?

(By Ruby)




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