Riddle Time – Luca, Olivia, Eluned and Charlee

We have been writing riddles! Check to comments later on for pictures of the answers.


I live in a wonderful place called the Amazon.

My diet is juicy insects.

I am a reptile.

I shake when I am scared.

I have a long scaly tail.

I eat with the fastest tongue in the world.

I travel walking with my twitchy toes.

What am I?

(By Luca)


I have twinkling eyes.

At night time I come out, in daytime I sleep.

I have grey fur.

I have very small ears.

My teeth are as sharp as a shark.

What am I?

(By Olivia)


I steal animals by a powerful bite.

My tail is long and fury.

In hot countries I like to live.

Every year I get three babies.

I am the fastest in the world.

What am I?

(By Eluned)


My eyes are more brown then toast.

My daddy makes lots of noise with his feet.

My mummy has a baby on her back.

I live in the jungle with vines.

I like bananas they are tasty.

What am I?

(By Charlee)



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