Riddle Time – Evie, Matilda, Marnie and Manou

You find me in China.

I have babies called cubs.

I eat bamboo shoots and leaves.

You call me a mammal.

I am black and white.

I have black circles around my eyes.

What am I?

(By Evie)


I am part of the mammal family.

To me lovely, green leaves, shoots and stems taste brilliant.

At night I sleep in nests made out of leaves.

My home is in Uganda in high attitude cloud forests.

What am I?

(By Matilda)


I’m a cute, big animal.

I have a long, bushy tail that swishes in the windy wind.

I live in Europe, Asia and South America.

I am silky grey and fluffy white.

I move by leaping with my two front legs.

I eat yummy deer and moose.

I live in a group with the same other animals.

What am I?

(By Marnie)


I am as rough as a lion.

I breastfeed because I am a mammal.

In China you eat my animal.

My eyes are normally brown.

I like playing lots and lots.

What am I?

(By Manou)


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