Riddle Time – Evan, Eli, Cerys and Maurice

I have soft fur.

I have super long legs.

I have a mane.

I have a medium tail.

I am a mammal what has spots on.

What am I?

(By Evan)


I have gigantic feathery wings.

I am a fierce bird of prey.

I am as big as a person.

I live on the mighty Himalayas.

I eat fish and birds.

You will see me in America and sometimes in France.

What am I?

(By Eli)


My ears are as pointed as daggers.

I have a big, warm, fur coat.

As cold as I get my home is in the Arctic.

I am as white as snow.

I’m the best at hunting.

My favourite food is seals.

What am I?

(By Cerys)


I live in the dark, dark, scary forest.

I’m born in Australia.

I lay eggs.

My colour could be any colour.

I’m a reptile.

I slither like a worm.

My sound goes sssssssssssssssssssssssss.

What am I?

(By Maurice)



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