Some snippets of our Night Zoo stories

One day in learning at school, I was writing the Night zookeeper story and just then it suddenly turned pitch black…immediately I was transported into a Night Zoo paradise (?), it was out of this world! The gates clanged open in front of me so now I was frightened but I still had confidence so I calmly walked into the creepy gates of the Night Zoo.

By Musa

One day at school I was just sitting in the classroom and I just looked around and I saw a poster and I stared at it deep, I couldn’t get my eyes of it. It teleported me in front of a yellow dingy gate. I pushed the gate open and I walked along scarily, I was amazed of what I could see.

By Ruby

Once at school I was playing football. When the game was over I had an apple. I did not know there was a bug in the apple. It made you shrink and I shrunk and it made me go into the school and the cleaners came and I got sucked up into the hoover.

By Luca

One sunny day I was running in the playground. Suddenly I saw a stone, it was stripy and slimy. I picked it up. Suddenly the world around me turned different colours. I found myself in front of the Night Zoo.

By Freddie

A tornado took me to the Night Zoo. The elephant ate up the popcorn.

By Anthony

One misty home time I was wandering around. I stepped on the campers and everything turned different colours. When they faded there was a big gate sparkling in front. I walked forwards, the gate started to open. I walked in and saw my design. It was staring at me in a weird way………………..
……….I spotted the night zookeeper. He had the keys tucked in his deep pockets

By Manou

One misty morning I was at school with my teacher Mrs Boring because she was really boring. One day when Mrs Boring was telling me off I took something out of my pocket it was pointy and sharp. Then I vanished, I was in a tornado then with a bump I landed outside the Night Zoo.

By Yusuf

One shivery day I was playing in the playground and I saw a trapdoor. I trod on it and fell…I was at some beautiful gates. I heaved it open.

By Ivy

Once in school I was drawing a picture and suddenly I saw a pebble with a pattern on it. Then it started to glow, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Just then some gates were looming over me. Then a key fell out of the sky, I caught it. Slowly with a creaking noise they opened. I cautiously went in. Inside was Sparkle waiting for me, she was very pleased to see me. I was astonished to see my animal I made at school.

By Orla

One sunny day I was playing in the playground than I saw a beautiful dragon. I decided to step on it then suddenly I sank right into it. I wriggled and waved as much as I could but I was going upwards….

By Maurice

One windy cold day at school,bi was writing a story when, bang, along black tunnel opened. I was shocked and frightened but nothing could stop me from climbing in. In the tunnel golden stairs were shimmering in the darkness. Then with a thump and a bump I was sitting cross legged outside the Night Zoo gates. They were towering up above me; they were metal, swirly and clanky. A key gracefully floated to the ground while I hunted for the keyhole.

By Matilda

Eventually I arrived at the pure dark Night Zoo. Finally I found my animal, Nighteye the Scorpioneagle. He is a quarter Scorpion and three quarters Eagle. Suddenly a monster of Nilth stepped up behind me. I did notice it at first but Nighteye did.

By Arlie

And I went in the big gigantic enormous beautiful rocket and then I flew back to my amazing school. And finally everyone was wondering where I was but at least I was back at school. I went back to the football pitch and…smashed a window.

By Theo

But when I picked up the incredible crystal I started turning around, but the strange thing was that I wasn’t making myself turn around someone else was. But this tingling noise went and when it stopped I was completely gone. When I finally landed I found myself outside an extraordinary zoo. It was the Night Zoo.

By Marnie

One weird day at school I was walking in the middle of the playground. Suddenly I saw something, I walked closer and closer, it was a mirror. I took one more step and Bang! I fell in the mirror in an enormous colourful twister….

By Cali


2 comments on “Some snippets of our Night Zoo stories

  1. What imaginative stories Kingfishers. You all used some wonderful words and I really enjoyed your stories!

  2. I loved these snippets from all your stories. What creative writers you are. Musa your story was so exciting and I would love to read more!

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