Gorges Bear

On Friday Gorges Bear was left behind at school so I (Rachel) decided to take him home. I am afraid Gorges had a miserable weekend as I was ill but on Sunday evening I decided to introduce him to Daisy, something Gorges was pretty excited about.

Look Daisy, this is Gorges! (Daisy cowers in the background)

Don’t be silly Daisy, come closer! (Daisy moves forward cautiously)

See Daisy, nothing to worry about! (Daisy runs off to her cage scared stiff to do some thumping in order to warn the local rabbit population that there is a scary bear around)
Silly Daisy! Sorry Gorges Bear, hope you’ll have more fun at Evie’s house next weekend!


One comment on “Gorges Bear

  1. ‘Gorges bear looked like he is a little bit confused because Daisy came up to him and then ran back into her cage. I hope you feel better Rachel’ Arlie

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