Wells Coates, Eugenius Birch and Magnus Volks

Today we learned about Brighton history and some of the important people that helped Brighton become the way it is.

Wells Coates was and architect who was from Canada but grew up in Japan. He built the Embassy Court. we looked at different styles of houses and tried to work out which was the oldest and which one the newest. We looked at different areas on Google Earth but we also studied old photographs on the website:


Eugenius Birch designed and built the West Pier. We had to guess what building first from lots of clues: a birch tree, a gold coin, chips, a pebble, a cuddly toy. Yusuf guessed it really quickly. We designed replacement piers for the West Pier. Which design would you like to see built most?






We also learnt about Magnus Volks who built the world’s first electrical railway. He was a bit silly though and built the train track through the water, the train was on stilts. Kingfisher children would love it if they could go back in time to have a ride on it!


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