New story ideas for Jon Mills

After reading the books, we had a go and tried to write some of our own Mr Watt stories.

Mr Watt, the grumpy man of metal & the happy lady of metal by Cali

“Hi here!” Let’s go and see what Mr Watt is making. Stop there, I’ll go and ask what he is making” “Hi Mr Watt, what are you making?” “I am making a machine that will take you to whatever land you want to be taken to. This is how it works.” MrWatt turned the handle. He said “Quick, jump in the seat” but I was too late, Mr Watt was gone. I checked the handle and I saw that he had entered dinosaur land. I said “That is ok, what dinosaur land?” Mr watt found a lady in front of him. “Hello” she said “I am a fairy. can you help me get home?” “If you magic my machine.” ” Of course I can.” “Whizz, Whazz, Bong, Bang!!!” “There you go, now let’s get home.” “Ready, steady, go go go!!!” BANG!!! “Here we are.”

The End

Mrs Watt and the elephant, by Matilda

In Mrs Watt’s shed, early in the morning, there was a clunk. Mrs Watt was working hard making an elephant. When she put the metal on fire to bend it, her baby cried. So Mrs Watt gave her baby some milk. When she was done with making an elephant, the elephant came to life. Just then, as quick as a flash, Mrs Watt ran out of the door, clutching her baby, trying to capture the elephant. Meanwhile the most terrible thing happened with a crash and a crunch. Mrs Watt’s shed got squashed. Mrs Watt and her baby fell into tears. Straight away Mrs Watt started to mend her shed. Meanwhile a magic fairy came that Mrs Watt had made when she was a child and the fairy ….?… and the elephant was never seen again.

The End

Mr Watt gets married by Eluned

One day grumpy Mr Watt stumbled outside and said to himself “I am going to make something today. I am going to make…..a lady.” So he started to make the lady. When it was done, the lady loved Mr Watt. Mr Watt smiled and they lived happily ever after.

The End

Mr Watt and Mrs Watt by Ivy

One day Mr Watt found someone he thought was pretty so he married her. She was Mrs Watt, the happy woman of metal. And they always argued.

Mr Watt is a ghost by Maurice

When Mr Watt died, he turned into a ghost. The trouble was whenever he pressed a button or pulled a lever his hand went through because he was a ghost. Two days ago he pulled a lever and his hand went inside and his hand went in and it never got out.

The End

More stories may follow………..




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