The wolf and Peter by Eli

One cold morning there was a very hungry wolf and he was hunting in the forest. The wolf hadn’t eaten for days, just then he saw smoke coming from a cottage. He quickly ran into a bush, he poked his head out of the bush and saw a boy opening the gate to a meadow. The boy started chatting to his friend a bird. Then suddenly the wolf saw a juicy plump duck escape into the meadow and jump into a pond. The wolf saw a fat cat creeping towards the bird, suddenly the cat pounced at the bird. The bird flew into the tree just before the cat got the bird. Then the boy’s grandfather came and took the boy by the hand. When they had gone the wolf decided to try and eat the duck. He was creeping towards the duck then the wolf ate the duck. “Yummy” said the wolf. The boy was really cross with the wolf because he ate the duck and the duck was his best friend. He decided to go and get a rope from the shed and then he climbed over the gate and went on a branch. He told the bird to fly round the wolf’s head. He made a little lasso and just caught the wolf’s tail. The wolf was trying to get free but the wolf just could not. The rope just got tighter. The wolf saw hunters coming. “Don’t shoot” said the boy “I have caught the wolf, can you help me and take the wolf to the zoo.”



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