The story of the wolf by Matilda

Late one evening the wolf was sitting in his creepy den and he was hungry. So he decided to go hunting so he crouched in a bush sneakily. When he saw a boy he didn’t know who it was but he was talking to a bird. Later on a duck came waddling into a pond. The wolf thought “nice and plump juicy duck.” He ran faster then the speed of light suddenly he pounced. “Yes I did it.”said the wolf scoffing the duck. He felt much better now but he wanted to eat the bird and cat. He wasn’t full up but it was good enough. He was trying to capture the others but he could not.

Peter had not seen all of this because Grandfather had taken him in. He was very annoyed, he shouted angrily and loud but Peter did not listen. So he took Peter by the hand. The wolf went home to his creepy den but went back through the trees to the meadow and sat under a tree. But suddenly a bird was flying around the poor wolf’s head again and again it was so irritating. Suddenly something caught his tail the wolf wriggled and twisted and turned but it got tighter and tighter. He hated it it was the worst thing that had ever happened in his life. He saw smoke “Arrrrrrrrr” screamed the wolf. Then he saw people, the people had guns the wolf was petrified.

But then the boy shouted “Don’t shoot, bird and I have already caught the wolf. You can help us take him to the zoo.” So they walked through the leafy forest. Meanwhile they came to a clearing and there was the zoo. They locked up the poor wolf. He stayed there for nights and days. But one day Peter tiptoed into the zoo and let the wolf free into the wild.



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