Peter and the Wolf Dance

We started today by watching a ballet dancing the story of Peter and the Wolf. We carefully studied the movements the dancers used. We felt really inspired. Here is the link to the video we watched: ballet

We first tried to dance all the animals. Then we worked in pairs, we first mirrored each other. Then we planned a dance sequence for a part of the story where one character was interacting with another character, for example the moment when granddad told Peter to go back to the cottage. We then watched each others dances and suggested improvements to help each other get better.

Picture 108 Picture 109 Picture 110 Picture 111 Picture 112 Picture 115 Picture 116 Picture 118 Picture 121 Picture 123 Picture 125 Picture 128 Picture 130 Picture 135


4 comments on “Peter and the Wolf Dance

  1. Dear Kingfishers, how are you? I’m really missing you all and your tie has become a real classic feature for anyone coming to my office, thanks so much. Great dancing! I will try and come to see you all next week and all the children at Balfour also want to meet you all! Bye for now!

  2. Dear Mr Staricoff, We really like your jokes and we want you back. We miss you. You are the best head master ever.
    Love, Kingfishers

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