Exploring Peter and the Wolf

We started today by acting out the story using the Talk4Writing.

.Picture 164 Picture 165

We were all the characters in the story as Rachel retold us the story. Can you guess what bits were are acting out?

Picture 043 Picture 044 Picture 048 Picture 053 Picture 054 Picture 055 Picture 057 Picture 058 Picture 062 Picture 064 Picture 065

We talked about bare boning stories. The bones are the structure of the story but the details and words you choose give it more shape. You can use the bare bones but change the story by changing details. We also looked at how Peter felt throughout the story. Tomorrow we will draw the fortune lines for the other characters.

Picture 167 Picture 168

Next we did some hot seating. O turned into the wolf and we asked her questions.

Picture 018

Orla: Is it nice in the zoo?

Wolf: No because you are in a cage and can’t hunt.

Matilda: Isn’t it irritating to have a duck in your tummy?

Yusuf: What do you get to eat each day? What did you used to eat in the forest?

Flora: How does it feel to be the baddie in the story?

Wolf: I am not bad, that is just how wolves eat.

Freddie: How cross were you when Peter caught you?

Ivy: Is the duck still there?

Madeena: How was it in the forest?

Wolf: It was really nice because I lived with my family.

Yusuf and Cerys also had a go at being the wolf as they wanted to answer some of the questions in a different way. Cerys thought that the wolf would have more family in the zoo and that she would be happier there. Yusuf thought that the duck would be digested by now.

We then made a list of the different characters and settings. We walked around posters for each of these and we added lots of good descriptions.

Picture 025 Picture 026 Picture 027 Picture 028 Picture 029 Picture 031 Picture 032 Picture 033 Picture 034 Picture 036 Picture 037 Picture 137 Picture 138 Picture 139 Picture 140 Picture 141 Picture 142 Picture 143 Picture 144 Picture 145 Picture 146 Picture 147 Picture 148

We worked so hard that we deserved some time to finish off our masks.

Picture 040 Picture 041



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