The disadvantages of being an elf 2

Isobel: They have to wear itchy hats.
Theo: It is the hardest job in the world. They have to skip too much. They talk in a babyish way. They never get to wear summer clothes.
Luca: They have to wrap millions of presents.
Lewis: You have to work and make toys and clothes.
Eli: You never get to have any toys. They are tiny and can’t watch TV.
Cali: You don’t get to learn. You work day and night. You get to see children.
Freddie and Ivy: You might tread on staples.
Musa: You could get trodden on.
Yusuf: You could fall down the gutter.
Madeena: Your ears might get cold.
Marnie: You have to wear odd shoes. You have to wear green and I don’t like wearing green.
Matilda: You wouldn’t go to fun places.
Orla: You wouldn’t get much attention.


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