Fair Trade

Today we talked about Fair trade. We were shown pictures of footballs and we had to think of which ones we’d buy. Some of us thought that the colour mattered, others thought the price or the logo was important. We then saw a video about the village in Pakistan where most footballs come from. They make 40 million footballs there each year! People work 14 hours a day and they earn 60p per day which is less than we get from the tooth fairy. Lots of children work 14 hours a day too because they are so poor. We went outside and did an exercise where one child paid the shop keeper a few hands-full of sand. The shopkeeper gave the sand to the shop manager, who gave it to the lorry driver, who gave it to the distribution centre, who gave it to another lorry driver, the airlines etc. until it ended up at the person making the balls. There was very little sand left, most of it dropped spilled on the ground. That sand is what all the people along the way were keeping.

20131001-191333.jpg 20131001-191426.jpg 20131001-191413.jpg 20131001-191359.jpgIMG_6382 IMG_6372 IMG_6380 IMG_6370 IMG_6377

We then looked at another video about fair-trade footballs. Fair trade footballs are cheaper than brand footballs but the people who make the footballs make more money so they can have medicines and the children can go to school. We thought about what happens to all the extra money you pay for the more expensive footballs. Some children decided that the rich people were getting it. We looked at the Fair trade logo and some other Fair trade products. Sometimes Fair trade is more expensive but we thought it would be important to but Fair trade when you can.









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