Endangered species

The theme of the hall display this term is Endangered Species. The Year 2’s focused on Brighton and Hove. We discussed why Prince William had said that he found it even more important to look after the animals now he is a father. Ivy told us why the Dodo had become extinct and we thought of lots of other reasons why species were becoming extinct and endangered.

People kill them for food and medicines.
People damage their habitats because they want to get cheap products like palm oil.
People’s lifestyles hurts animals, for example, animals accidentally eat plastic bags and balloons.
Animals get in the way, for example birds of prey.

The children wrote about what we should do to protect them and why they think they are getting endangered:

Matilda: Don’t go to MacDonald’s. Pay people to look after animals. Put up bird houses and bird feeders. Walk to school. Don’t go fishing. Look after animals if they are a stray. Get pets. Look after people’s animals if they are away. Don’t cut down trees. Don’t drop litter. Don’t go in boats or aeroplanes or helicopters. Don’t destroy habitats or step on bugs. Don’t pick plants

Theo: Some people don’t look after the world. Some people kill animals just to get food.

Holly: We have to make sure we feed them.

Eluned: Don’t fight animals.

Evan: I don’t want people to kill the butterflies.

Marlo: Nobody to use plastic bags because they kill a lot of animals.

Cerys: Don’t cut the trees!

Manou: Rhinos are being hunted for horns and the same for elephants.

Marnie: Don’t get bags at the supermarket, bring your own bags.

Freddie: They are dying because we are chopping down too many trees. get a pet because then the animals will stop disappearing.

Luca: Stop people fishing. Stop eating animals

Lincoln: we look after it.

Arlie: We should stop killing animals with guns. Dodo’s are extinct and so are Woolly Mammoths. And we should stop chopping down trees then the monkeys and gorillas and all the jungle animals would be safe.

Eli: Stop people polluting the earth. Stop people hunting.

Ruby: Don’t eat fish. Don’t eat cheese. Don’t eat any more animals. Animals are becoming endangered.

Cali: Put pieces of paper around the houses that say ‘Look after the Planet’. Say to your mum or dad ” Can we not buy a plastic bag?”

Yusuf: I think that people should send envelopes around the world saying “Stop polluting the sea with plastic bags and poison”.

Anthony: In Indonesia I saw a dead bat. somebody killed it. We should look after bats.

This is our new hall display.









2 comments on “Endangered species

  1. Really thoughtful and interesting discussion about protecting animals and the environment, Kingfisher class. I can see that a lot of you have very strong feelings about this subject. I really loved all your artwork! I liked your comment Yusuf about getting the whole world to join together to solve the problem

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