Good to be Me – Arlie

Every Friday we choose the person who will be Kingfisher of the Week the next week. We pull a lollipop stick out of the pot. Last Friday it was Arlie so on Monday we all wrote messages to Arlie telling him why we think he deserves to be Kingfisher of the Week. Lots of children thought he was kind and hardworking. If you are Kingfisher of the Week, you also get to do your ‘Good to be Me’ talk. Arlie brought in lots of things he really cares about. He used the visualiser to show them on the Whiteboard. We now know that Arlie loves Arsenal and that he also plays for the Woodingdean Football team. He also likes cricket and he has a signed cricket ball. His uncle Peter made a special wooden stand for it with a 2p coin in it. We saw lots of holiday pictures that had his friends and family in it so we know he really cares about them. We loved seeing his grandparents dogs Rosie and Snowy.  Arlie loves Ireland as his grandparents live there. Arlie showed a Science book as he is very curious and likes finding out about the world. He also brought a puzzle in so we know he loves challenges! Arlie’s parents kept the newspaper from the day that Arlie was born.

IMG_6820 IMG_6816 IMG_6815 IMG_6814 IMG_6813

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